Frank Evans grew up in a family of classical musicians in Toronto, which made his decision to play clawhammer banjo at the age of 10 all the more unlikely. Carving his own path, he developed a passion for Old Time Appalachian music, making regular excursions to festivals and competitions in the United States, eventually placing second in the banjo competition at the Clifftop Appalachian Stringband Festival (2011).  With the guidance of Toronto banjo legend Chris Coole, Evans recorded his first CD, Big Meal Time with his brother Max. The two founded the highly popular Kitgut Stringband in 2008, performed regularly in Toronto, and recorded the CD Rebel Raid. He joined the bluegrass outfit Slocan Ramblers in 2010, who just released their album Shaking Down the Acorns produced by Juno award winner Andrew Collins. The album gained attention world wide and even got them a slot opening for Steve Martin. Frank broke with convention once again when he began exploring jazz music, becoming the first banjo player to attend the jazz program at the Humber College of Music. Frank currently resides in Toronto and is in high demand as a session player, performing and recording with Oh My Darling, Annie Lou, Hamstrung Stringband, Foggy Hogtown Boys.

Selected Discography

Coffee Creek, Slocan Ramblers (2015)

Hellbound for AlabamaFrank Evans and Rosalyn Dennett (2014)

Jaron Freeman-Fox & the Opposite of EverythingJaron Freeman-Fox & the Opposite of Everything (2013)

Shaking Down the Acorns, Slocan Ramblers (2012)

Grandma’s Rules for DrinkingAnne Lou (2012)

Rebel RaidKitgut Stringband (2011)

Big Meal TimeMax and Frank Evans (2008)

I’m SoSue Smith (2006)